Equipment and Process Monitoring Solutions To Improve Specialty Chemical Programs

We help businesses reduce operational cost by accessing and monitoring data even in remote locations.

What we do

Embark can help you access your critical process data and combine your remote data together with data from your other systems to deliver mission-critical knowledge to your team. Remote data streams are often isolated from other data – Embark ties your information together to help keep your processes running at peak efficiency.

Independent Vendor Best in Class Solutions

Web Based Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Remote Communications - Cellular, Wi-Fi and Satellite

Integrity Management Support

Data Security and Encryption

Our Project Experience

Developed Data Concentrator solution to acquire data from hundreds of programmable controllers in real time and deliver to SCADA server in a single scan. This project involved thousands of data points and hundreds of miles of radio communications.

Development of a data collection system for production oil wells that obtained raw data from a wide variety of highly complex downline pressure, temperature, flow and strain sensors – both discrete and fiber based. Data was also acquired from surface chemical automation controllers and could pass commands to downhole valves and surface chemical injection systems. Data was passed to central servers using a custom data encryption protocol.