P-400 Chemical Injection Pump Controller

A cost effective chemical automation solution that provides connectivity through a single cloud-based control platform for all pumps and tanks.

The Game changing IoT Solution

The P-400 utilizes Smartstroke stroke sensing or an optional flow meter for high reliability while determining the precise chemical injection flow rate to maximize effectiveness while reducing expenses. 

P400 Features

Customizable chemical injection rate - Set and maintain a chemical injection flow rate including proportional control that is perfect for your unique application.

Field selectable pump compatibility - Changing your pump type is easy with rapid switching capability with our user-friendly software. The P-400 quickly swaps between supporting solar pumps, pneumatic pumps, and electric pumps as needed.

Remote tank level and usage monitoring - Our tank level monitor gives you remote insight by displaying depth, volume, volume %, and mass. The injection rate is confirmed from the tank level usage independently from flow rate measurement to optimize chemical usage.

Complete user control - The built-in temperature sensor can automatically enable or disable pump control during changing conditions such as methanol injection, and in proportional injection mode, the P-400 automatically adjusts the chemical injection rate based on the production rate and ppm values such as from an H2S online analyzer.

Remote wireless communications - Connect directly to SCADA systems or to Prodesy via cellular communication to enable visualization and correlation with other data streams.

Embark Innovations chemical automation program

Follow our 4-stage process to optimize your chemical automation injection and monitoring process.

Evaluate Existing Systems

Review remote monitoring and pump control needs.

  • Universal pump controller – provides remote rate control and tank levels
  • Prodesy – single user interface for all tanks and pumps

Field Optimization

Determine where automation will help operations

  • Production flow/analyzer control
  • Prodesy – controls, alarms, notification
  • Manage by exception

Content/Data Integration

Implement holistic program management

  • Eliminate siloed data
  • Integrate lab analysis
  • Use event driven data
  • Utilize field data capture
  • All on a cloud-based platform


Optimize Program for strategic advantage

Integrated analytics platform results in:

  • All data in one platform
  • Statistical analysis
  • Real time program optimization
  • Predictive chemical control


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