Analytics and Data Aggregation Solutions To Improve Specialty Chemical Programs

We help businesses make the right decisions by unlocking the power of their data and aggregating it into a single trusted source of truth.

What we do

Embark provides analytics and data aggregation to businesses that can pull together data from disparate sources (e.g. legacy databases, reports, unstructured data sets, and remote/automated data streams), and unlock the knowledge within through advanced analytics tools and reporting.

Custom Analytics

Trend and Ratio

KPI Metrics
and Analysis

Correlation and Regression Analysis

Forecasting and
Machine Learning

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Deployment in Business Intelligence platforms including
Microsoft PowerBI, Google Data Studio and Spotfire

Data Management/Aggregation

Data and Workflow Automation

API Integrations

Data Importing & Transformation

Custom App Development

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Our Project Experience

Delivered analytics platform for a substantial chemical program integrating chemical usage data from 7 chemical vendors and production data from production accounting and SCADA. The platform was deployed through the company’s corporate PowerBI environment for seamless access for users at all levels. Program resulted in cost savings of over $120K per month, or a Return on Investment of over 3,000%.

Deployed analytics platform to analyze Paraffin Solvent batch program to highlight cost reduction opportunities based on changing production data. This program also incorporated Pig Run tracking with wax level monitoring and resulted in average savings of $180K per year for a Return on Investment of over 500%.

Deployed analytics platform for continuous injection program to support field efforts to reduce chemical usage. Dashboards were customized for users at all levels from senior management to field operators setting pump rates in the field. Chemical usage was reduced from $45K per month to $15K per month, providing an ROI of over 1,000%.