A new age in chemical data analytics and reporting

Prodesy provides effective KPI reporting solutions that integrate chemical usage, production and analysis data to highlight program value.


Prodesy was created with Specialty Chemical Vendors’ needs in mind. With such a heavy focus on cost reduction in recent years, the performance and value delivered with chemical programs is often lost. Prodesy gives chemical vendors a platform that illustrates the effectiveness and results of chemical programs and enables vendors and producers to work together to optimize the value delivered with these programs.


For the greatest efficiency, oilfield chemical programs need to constantly adjust using current production data and in response to program analysis results. Prodesy imports production data from production accounting and SCADA systems – so data is always accurate. Analysis data is easily entered and imported so KPIs can be measured and tracked using all internal and external factors.


Prodesy gives you the ability to dig deeper and generate more value for your customers by integrating performance metrics into your analytics. This means adding simple ways to capture related activities – things like dewax events, coupon data, bacteria analysis, oil carryover,  and filter analysis. Prodesy helps report the metrics the chemical program is being employed to manage.


Prodesy integrates Remote Tank Monitoring and leverages field Automation. Remote technology can offer extensive benefits in cost reduction, continuous optimization, and reduce carbon emissions. Prodesy incorporates these capabilities from multiple vendors and with manual entry so you have a single platform for the entire chemical program.


With more accurate and complete inventory management that ties Remote and Manual data, Prodesy provides more accurate inventory and sales forecasting based on product usage. Better forecasting gives you the ability to manage your Supply Chain more efficiently and reduce manufacturing costs.

Analytics/predictive modeling

Prodesy provides the ability to correlate Analysis with Treatment Programs. Statistical analysis can be utilized to establish correlations and cause/effect relationships. Monitor by exception with automated notifications of results falling outside KPI ranges. Predictive models can be utilized to proactively manage treatment programs.


Wax Management - Worked with a producer and chemical vendors to optimize wax management costs between chemical treatment and physical dewaxing. Analyzed trends, correlations and cause/effect relationships for major dewax events. Developed Analytics to determine optimal wax management model.

Water Analysis - Implemented Analytics model to compare trends in chemical treatment programs with levels of Suspended Solids, Iron/Dissolved Iron, Manganese and Residuals. Tracked performance of chemical treatment programs, along with the impact of external factors to track changing conditions.

Bacteria Analysis - Implemented a cloud based system to capture Bacteria Analysis data and provided KPI trending of analysis results with chemical treatment rates and water production levels. Platform helped optimize chemical treatment programs for bacteria management.

Corrosion Rates - Implemented an Analytics platform to track Corrosion and Pitting rates with production flow rates and chemical treatment programs including both continuous injection and corrosion batching. Automated processes implemented to maintain a current data, utilized for continuous risk assessment and proactive corrosion management.

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