Passionate About Innovation


Embark Innovations is an Alberta and Texas based software company specializing in providing innovative solutions. We’re committed to providing our customers with reliable, innovative OPEX cost management solutions. We’re able to adapt our framework to meet the unique needs of customers.

Above all else, our customers are our number one priority.

Mission Statement

We deliver solutions that reduce operating expenses for the oil & gas industry.

Vision Statement

Embark will deliver innovative solutions that focus on using company data and processes to reduce costs.

Value Statement

Our promise to our clients is that we will always deliver far more in cost reduction than we ever charge.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality solutions to companies looking to take the next step to save time and money. Our innovative business plan ensures that we’re always on the look out for the next big trend. We don’t believe in good enough, we’re constantly looking towards the future to improve our already stellar solutions. Along the way, we will work closely with our clients to deliver the best service possible.

How The System Works

Michael Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Michael has over 20 years of experience leading technology companies in both Canada and the U.S. He was the founder and chief visionary behind the Well Test Database that achieved 95% market penetration in Western Canada and became a key component of AccuMap.  Michael also founded Industrial Mobility, pioneering the delivery of mobile software to petrochemical plants and refineries with successful deployment in Fortune 500 companies.  Michael specializes in working with energy companies to create innovative solutions to meet difficult challenges.
Keith Pettit
Chief Technology Officer
Keith offers Embark Innovations a broad based technical knowledge consisting of program development, systems architecture, OS integration, IT systems and networking, open source, mobile technology platforms and advanced telecommunications. He’s been involved with developing a mobile field data capture program for the chemical industry. Additionally, he’s worked closely with Industrial Mobility. His broad range of expertise ensures he’s able to capture and capitalize on innovative trends and forecast strategies.
George Tai
Legal Counsel
George’s experience ranges from licensing deals involving telecommunications and software, to negotiating several complex licensing transactions. His legal consult into intellectual property and 13 years spent at Carscallen LLP ensures he’s well versed in a wide range of legal matters. He is former position as the General Counsel and COO of a publicly listed NASDAQ technology company ensures he’s able to offer Embark Innovations a diverse and highly intellectual outlook into the technology and chemical industry.
Justin Bierwirth
Chief Financial Officer
Justin holds an extensive record of success with a large importance placed on growth oriented private and public companies. He’s worked in a variety of industries providing strategic guidance and expertise in accounting and finance. Beyond that, he also holds experience handling multi million dollar company’s finances in industries ranging everywhere from technology to property management, and beyond. His financial insight is extensive, well researched and provides expertise for Embark Innovations.