Acquisition of Hotbutton

Embark Innovations Announces Acquisition of HotButton Technology

September 14, 2015

Calgary, Alberta – Embark Innovations announced today that it has acquired the patented ArrowSync™ mobile field data capture technology platform from HotButton Solutions Inc. ArrowSync™ optimizes field data collection and facilitates integration with corporate PC based applications and customized data collection needs.

The flexible mobile technology platform can be customized for any field data, providing rapid deployment of custom field solutions. The platform has been utilized for monitoring chemical injection rates to realize substantial savings by tracking field data that was previously untracked.

“There are substantial Opex cost savings that can be realized by tracking data in the field and providing smart tools for field operators to make better decisions” commented Michael Jones, CEO of Embark Innovations.

Jane Glendon, President and CEO of HotButton Solutions will join Embark as Chief Strategy Officer. “Jane is a true visionary and has created a solid foundation with the ArrowSync™ technology platform” commented Mr. Jones.

The ArrowSync™ technology platform includes HotLeap™ field data capture for oil & gas and the Bullseye™ data viewer. Embark will brand the platform all together under the ArrowSync™ trade name.

About Embark Innovations

Embark Innovations brings together patented, innovative products and technology to deliver an integrated full life cycle platform for attacking Opex costs and optimizing field operations for the energy and natural resources sector. The ArrowSync™ mobile field data capture platform provides the foundation for data capture and decision-making – integrated with corporate systems, data analysis tools, analytics and reporting systems. The platform links to the field through asset identification tools such as Reidterra’s patented Tracer Wire Stations and ProMark™ field identification markers.


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